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Vitamins B3 & B5

Vitamins B3 & B5

Marie Smith

These two vitamins are considered superfoods for the skin.  (B3 = youth, B5 = hydration) These two combined, equal younger looking, smoother, softer skin.
Vitamin B3 is a communicating ingredient that helps to send messages to cells to diminish fine lines and wrinkles while improving skins elasticity, fighting free-radical damage and improving skin tone and texture.  Vitamin B5 draws moisture from the atmosphere, binding water molecules and maintaining collagen production which reduces redness while nourishing the epidermis, hydrating the skin.  
Try our Daily Vitamin Natural Moisturizer, Beta Hydroxy Foaming Face Wash, Chapped Hand and Foot Therapy, After Sun Soothing Lotion, Spot Stop and Razor Relief, which all contain Vitamin B.  You will feel smoother and softer from head to toe.

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