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About Bullenbees

Bullenbees Skin Care was formulated by Marie Smith, a wife and mother employed in the medical device industry. For years, Marie has been unimpressed with the results of skin care products from beauty salons, dermatologists, and drug stores.  Marie had common skin care needs many women are familiar with: aging skin, sun spots, uneven skin tone, and occasional breakouts. But she also had some uncommon skin conditions that drove her to find solutions to treat great varieties of skin problems.

 Marie would experience razor burn from her thighs to her ankles every time she shaved her legs.  She could not find a product to calm or soothe her inflamed, irritated skin. As she moved into her 20s and 30s, her facial skin was dry, yet broke out with any moisturizer she used.

 Her most complicated skin issue occurred during her 2nd pregnancy where she had a rare allergic reaction to her placenta causing her to break out in an itchy red rash from her neck to her ankles.  She could not take any medication, as she did not want to risk any effects to her child. She researched long hours to find natural treatments for her irritated skin, as steroid creams were only partially effective.

 In her career she has conducted medical research for many years. In her free-time she enjoyed researching the science and clinical trials behind the best skin care nature and science could support. She spent years experimenting with formulations in her kitchen. Soon she found her formulations worked better for all her skin care needs than the numerous creams she had purchased from dermatologists and beauty salons. In her formulations she sought to achieve the healthiest, happiest, youthful skin nature and science could provide. It wasn’t long before she had girlfriends and co-workers asking for supplies of her skin care products.

Our Commitment

No Animal Testing

Non-Toxic: Paraben, BPA and Artificial Fragrance Free


Plant Based Natural Ingredients

Minimally Processed, Hand Crafted

100% Made in the USA