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The Story of Bullenbees

The Story of Marie Smith and the start of Bullenbees

I am a 50+ year old medical engineer who has had a lifetime battling skin issues.  My frustration with my skin issues reached a peak when I experienced an allergic reaction to my second pregnancy that resulted in a full-body, poison-ivy-like rash.  The dermatologist gave me the same old standard - a steroid gel in petroleum jelly that I had to smear on my whole body!  What a nightmare to wear petroleum jelly all over my enormous, pregnant body, and then to put on clothes, and go to work!

Well, necessity is the mother of invention - I was driven to research how to make a cream from natural ingredients, vitamins and plant oils that could calm a rash; and that would be safe during pregnancy.  I am a research scientist at a medical device company, so this type of investigation is in my wheelhouse.

My plant-based, vitamin-rich formula worked as successfully as the steroid cream!  So, I created a few additional formulas for my other skin issues and successfully resolved those issues too.  Soon, I had doctors, friends, family, and co-workers requesting I make products for their skin!

And so, out of necessity, a skincare business was born!

Our Commitment

No Animal Testing

Non-Toxic: Paraben, BPA and Artificial Fragrance Free


Plant Based Natural Ingredients

Minimally Processed, Hand Crafted

100% Made in the USA